A photo has the ability to captivate the mind and body in such a way that you lose sight of the reality around you. It's through a photo that one can see into a person's true inner soul. It is through a photo that you can relive a time that has longed been forgotten. A photo is worth a million words and emotions as well.

Hello, and welcome to a little piece of me. I love art; it is what fuels me to live, it is my motivation. I love fashion, because it is a walking form of art. I am a freelance fashion stylist and photographer. I hope that you enjoy my blog, and that you take a small piece of me with you. For more inquiries, please visit DominiqueNichole.com.


Spring Garden view #philly #philadelphia #instacanvas #instacanvasgallery #capture # waltwhitman #waltwhitmanbridge  (Taken with Instagram)

Spring Garden view #philly #philadelphia #instacanvas #instacanvasgallery #capture # waltwhitman #waltwhitmanbridge (Taken with Instagram)